Kid's Corner

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Welcome to Kid’s Corner! We hope that you will frequently visit this page—which is under construction—as we will provide information and activities for young people about Haitian: 

  • Culture
  • Customs
  • Geography
  • People
  • Languages
  • Sports
  • History 
  • Religion
  • Foods 
  • Symbols and the flag 
  • Government 
  • Educational system 
  • Wildlife 
  • Environment
  • Holidays 
  • Music
  • Arts and more!

Kid’s Corner will also serve as an online homework helper for students conducting research on facts about Haiti. It will also be a fun resource that includes activity pages for young children. We, at the Embassy of Haiti, are currently creating content for Kid’s Corner that will be both entertaining and educational. For example, you will be able to look to this section of the Embassy website for descriptions of the Haitian school day and weather conditions, as well as photos of children in Haiti participating in sports and recreational activities.

The Embassy of Haiti also plans to engage our youth community in person. Stay tuned for Embassy arts, crafts and cultural events designed especially for young people. The Embassy is your gateway to Haiti and this section of our website will spotlight our children. To receive a notification when the Kid’s Corner is up and running, sign up for the Embassy’s email list in the home page.

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