Franketienne’s One-Man Play & In-depth Francreolophonie Conference Captivated Audiences

From a poetry-infused dramatic interpretation to a scholarly discussion on language, Haitian literary great Franketienne delighted audiences at the 2013 D.C. Francophonie Festival. His first stop was at La Maison Francaise, where he moved about the stage depicting the chaos that sometimes occurs in male-dominated societies. The play, “Delirium of the Fallen Predator,” co-sponsored by…


Haitian Cultural Icon Franketienne Appears at Francophonie Festival with Play April 3 and French/Creole Conference April 5

Known for his visual art and literary accomplishments, Haitian writer Franketienne will join the 2013 Francophonie Festival with two stellar events. April 3, he examines male-dominated societies in the play “Les Délires du prédateur déchu” (Delirium of the Fallen Predator). The play, infused with poetry, will be shown at La Maison Francaise (CLICK HERE TO…


Building Business Bonds from Haiti to Baltimore

  Although it may have looked like a tasting tour, filled with ice cream and treats, Ambassador Paul G. Altidor’s trip to Baltimore Thursday, March 21, was an international business diplomacy mission. By taking a 45 minute drive to Baltimore, Altidor highlighted, encouraged and strengthened bonds between entrepreneurs and farmers in Haiti and entrepreneurs in…


Haitian Embassy Cultural Chief Heads Francophonie Fest

  Through April 13, the nation’s capital will serve as host for a full calendar of films, concerts, discussions, plays, children’s workshops, culinary tastings and activities during the 2013 Francophonie Cultural Festival. This year’s festival, a celebration and exploration of French-infused culture, is led by Stephane Rosenberg, cultural section chief for the Embassy of Haiti.…


Haiti’s Minister of Education Touts Universal Plan in D.C. Visit

  Haiti’s Minister of Education, Vanneur Pierre hosts a series of working sessions and a public forum to encourage immediate action on Haiti’s universal education plan. The education delegation met with the Inter American Development Bank, The World Bank and other partners. Haitian Education Officials Concerned With Slow Reconstruction Visit Washington D.C. to Spur Action…


Photo Gallery: Embassy of Haiti Hosts Meeting of Francophone Ambassadors

francophonie meeting  The Embassy welcomed 21 Ambassadors and 43 diplomats to the semi-annual meeting of the Francophone Ambassadors. Stephane Calvin Rosenberg, chief of the Embassy’s Cultural Section, will also serve as president of the group’s annual Fracophone Festival in March.



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