Originally a private residence, the Gibson Fahnestock mansion was completed in 1910. The semidetached building was designed in the 18th century French manner. Finely crafted academic details are combined to form a scheme that is harmonious and crisply delineated. The architect was an American, Nathan C. Wyeth, who is best known for designing the West Wing of the White House, creating the first Oval Office. He designed a large number of structures in Washington, D.C., including the Francis Scott Key Bridge over the Potomac River, the USS Maine Mast Memorial, the D.C. Armory, the Tidal Basin Inlet Bridge, many structures that comprise Judiciary Square, and numerous private homes—many of which now serve as embassies. He also co-designed the Cannon House Office Building, the Russell Senate Office Building, the Longworth House Office Building, and an addition to the Russell Senate Office Building.

Its Louis XVI exterior and interior designs, as well as the notable work of prominent Haitian artists displayed throughout, charm all who walk through its regal doors. Today, the edifice is owned by the Government of Haiti and used as the office space for two diplomatic missions (the Embassy of Haiti and the Permanent Mission of Haiti to the Organization and American States (OAS). In addition to serving as a museum exhibiting Haiti’s finest art, the Chancery also accommodates an exhibit showcasing the significant contributions of renowned Americans of Haitian descent. It also serves as an event space hosting activities which highlight the country’s dynamic culture and exceptional history. Today, the Chancery has established itself as one of the most visited on Embassy Row.

Historical preservation is embedded in Haiti’s legacy and identity as the first black republic in the world. Haiti has been committed to maintaining its iconic landmarks such as La Citadelle Laferrière and Palais Sans Souci, which are key symbols of the republic’s importance as a beacon of freedom. It is in that same spirit of preservation that the Chancery has undergone renovations since 2012 to protect the building’s historic nature and exhibit its timeless elegance.

Guided tours are available Monday through Friday from 10:00 am – 4:30pm


  • I was visiting for the #AAN2017 conference, and had the most incredible experience. Not only was everyone so welcoming and eager to please, the food that was served was TO DIE FOR. I have NEVER had such amazing pork and spicy Cole slaw in my life… And the mixed drinks were superb as well. I think the crowning experience of visiting this embassy was the EXQUISITE and abundant art that hangs on the walls. Each piece is hypnotizing and just incredible. I could have gazed at it the whole night.

    I will forever remember this night because of the wonderful ambassador and all of the staff. I have never wanted to travel to Haiti so much until now!!

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    Katie Murawski
  • “The embassy brings a true Haitian experience and promotes our culture!”

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    Hermione Gilet-Rigal
  • “Awesome experience! The Haitian art is amazing, as well as the cuisine. Loved the tour and history lesson.”

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    Tivon Vino
  • “I was there for the open embassy tours in DC. Beautiful artwork on all the walls.  Was self guided due to the crowds but felt like i was walking through a museum.”

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    Barb Hassler
  • “It’s a beautiful and historical place. For those who aren’t familiar with Haiti and it’s culture, the embassy is a great place to start. The staff is professional and the place was immaculate.”

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    Patricia Lafontant
  • “I had a very classy experience at the Embassy of Haiti last weekend with the Ambassador and friends. The Haitian food, music, and art was excellent. I truly enjoyed the fellowship with my fellow Haitian people. I will definitely return to the Embassy of Haiti”

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    Cedet Francois
  • ” I always feel as though I’ve returned home when I attend an event at the Haitian Embassy.”

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  • “Yesterday’s open house was wonderful! I loved taking the photo gallery tour also and learning about the amazing achievements of notable Haitians. Thanks also for giving Farrah Saint-Surin a great birthday launching pad.”

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    Cara George
  • “It was a wonderful experience. The embassy is beautiful. The art is beautiful and the host was very knowledgeable of the culture and very warm and friendly. I plan to visit again.”

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    Trina Duncan