CBTPA Signed into Law

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  CONTACT: pr.washington@diplomatie.ht  (202) 332 – 4090 CBTPA is Signed into Law by President Trump Strengthening Trade Relations Between the U.S. and the Caribbean Washington, D.C. (October 13, 2020) – President Donald Trump has signed H.R. 991 into law. Introduced on February 6, 2019 and…

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Ambassador of Haiti Urges Congress to Renew CBTPA

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: amb.washington@diplomatie.ht (202) 332 – 4090   Ambassador of Haiti Urges Congress to Renew CBTPA During Virtual Hearing on Thursday September 10 Ahead of its Expiration Washington, D.C. (September 10, 2020) — Ambassador Hervé Denis testified before the House Subcommittee on…

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The Embassy is currently undergoing a process of revitalization and modernization with the aim of better aligning the Embassy’s activities with Government of Haiti’s (“GOH”) strategic priorities and revamp and enhance the services it currently provides to Haitian citizens. The main strategic priority identified by the GOH remains the advancing of business diplomacy. Thus, the Embassy is orienting its activities to foster business development to generate economic growth and job creation. In addition, the Embassy is in the process of enhancing its community outreach services and undertaking the renovation of its physical space.

It is with this context that the Embassy is seeking volunteers from the Haitian-American diaspora open to providing their skills and expertise in a number of different areas. If you would like to assist the Embassy, please contact us at: amb.washington@diplomatie.ht

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