Dear Friends,

It has been two months since I took office as the Ambassador of Haiti in Washington, DC. I am pleased to inform you that many of the short-term goals we set out to achieve have been accomplished, but much more remains to be done. For instance, we have taken concrete steps to encourage private sector investment in Haiti and enhanced the services the Embassy provides to Haitians in the Washington, DC area. In addition, we have started to renovate and modernize the Embassy. I encourage you to stop by and see the changes happening at the Embassy.

On June 14, I launched a Business Diplomacy Roundtable, which is designed to provide a forum for Haitian-Americans to exchange ideas on innovative strategies and approaches to advance Haiti and private sector investments in the country.

One of the messages that emerged from the roundtable was a desire on the part of the Haitian-American diaspora to volunteer their services and expertise. I am heeding this call. Given the Embassy’s ambitious plans, we would welcome volunteers open to assisting the Embassy in certain areas. The Embassy is seeking individuals with graduate degrees (MA, MBA, JD, or PhD) to volunteer their time as short-term consultants. Please see the link on the website to learn more about this initiative.

I encourage you to visit our website periodically for updates. Below is a recent article from USA Today about our focus on business diplomacy and the new vision for rebuilding Haiti. Thank you for your continued support!

Haiti’s Tourism Makeover: From Devastation to Destination, by Yamiche Alcindor, June 8, 2012, USA TODAY

Ambassador Paul Altidor

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