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The Embassy of Haiti’s role in bolstering business diplomacy is to encourage, facilitate and foster business development in Haiti. The Embassy will establish and strengthen relationships that will ultimately result in sustainable economic growth and job creation.

The Embassy’s goal is to attract foreign direct investment in Haiti, encourage open markets for Haitian products, and support the interests of Haitian entrepreneurs and businesses.

The Embassy will undertake this role by:

  • Championing Haiti as a viable place to invest and do business;
  • Highlighting products made in Haiti; 
  • Hosting workshops which answer questions about investing in Haiti; 
  • Working with the U.S. government to open its market to Haitian products; 
  • Engaging other countries with a view to negotiating access to resources, trade agreements, conflict management and dispute resolution, and supporting home country delegations; and 
  • Taking strategic positions and advocating trade policies within international organizations geared towards achieving the same.

To join our business diplomacy efforts, invest in Haiti or learn about our economic revitalization efforts, please send us an email at: