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Haiti’s future will be built on growth and development led by the private sector. To this end, the Embassy of Haiti works to promote, support, encourage and highlight those firms and individuals who advance that vision. Please join the Embassy’s email list so that you can stay abreast of our activities which promote investment and economic development in Haiti.

The Embassy’s Investment and Economic Affairs Section will focus its efforts on attracting investments in four key areas:

  • Infrastructure development (energy, water & sanitation, transport, and housing);
  • Job creation; 
  • Development of agriculture sector and agri-business industry across the value chain; and 
  • Tourism.

The goal is to attract investors interested in undertaking public-private partnerships geared towards those four key investment areas. The Embassy will play an important role in identifying opportunities that are consistent with the identified key areas. The Embassy’s position is not to be directly involved in these transactions, but instead, the Embassy will function as a facilitator to connect investors to Haitian industry groups, chambers of commerce, financial intermediaries, the Center for Investment Facilitation (CFI) and other relevant government organs engaged in private sector investment in Haiti. In terms of supporting Haitian businesses and trade opportunities for Haitian exports, the Embassy will focus on negotiating trade agreements, opening markets, advocating on behalf of Haitian businesses, and helping Haitian entrepreneurs attract foreign financing and favorable terms of trade, as well as navigate U.S. import rules and regulations.

Investment and Economic Affairs Section’s focus is attracting and retaining sustainable private-sector investment to Haiti by:

  • Serving as conduit for investors interested in investing in Haiti by providing investors with information and helping them navigate key processes. The Embassy will work in close partnership with the CFI in order to streamline the process;
  • Relaying key information from, and to, interested investors via CFI; 
  • Promoting local Haitian business in various forums, trade meetings and shows; 
  • Facilitating contacts and networks with various economic institutions, non-governmental organizations, and the general community, for a greater understanding of Haiti’s context and operating environment, and the country’s priorities; 
  • Encouraging the use of investment and economic agreements between the Republic of Haiti and the United States; and
  • Enhancing cooperation and dialogue with institutions such as the World Bank, the International Finance Corp., the Inter-American Development Bank, and the International Monetary Fund.

Please visit the Embassy’s website often and sign up for our email list so that you can be involved in our investment and economic development programs.