amb altidor haitian women Day


amb altidor haitian women DayOn November 17, Ambassador Paul Altidor hosted the 8th Annual DC Haitian Ladies Brunch. From the outside looking in, the Embassy swirled with conviviality and congeniality. From the inside, the image unfolded to reveal over one hundred Haitian and Haitian-American women of all ages throughout the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, socializing and experiencing the rich culture of Haiti. One could feel the spirit of sisterhood from the friendly hugs and the warm smiles being shared by all.

It all started as a get together with a few friends by Nadine Duplessy Kearns because she wanted to connect with Haitian women when she moved to the area. Eight years later, with her co-organizer Cleve Mesidor, it has expanded as a gathering for women to meet, network professionally, and share common experiences as Haitian women.

Since the brunch has evolved it has become a tradition with friendships formed, opportunities shared, and tips passed on about staying connected to Haitian culture.

Photo credit: Emmanuel Jean Marie and Gregory Dominique

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