Nathalie Tancrede spent many years in the banking/investment field before moving on to Human Resources and Operations. Her vast background came in handy as she worked to strengthen the artisan groups through capacity building, training and marketing support to meet the demands of the global market.

After the earthquake, Nathalie moved from NYC to Haiti to work with artisans. With the support of many dedicated partners such as the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB), the Kellogg Foundation, the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, the Hand Eye Fund, and many more, she set up a network of artisans covering the entire country. As the Executive Director of the Artisan Business Network (ABN), Nathalie oversaw a multi-year project that provided business and product development training as well as marketing support to over 2,000 local artists and artisans. The network created links between the artisan communities and the global market, empowering countless of small businesses and independent entrepreneurs in urban and local communities in Haiti.

After six years focused on helping to foster, educate and grow the artisan sector in Haiti, Nathalie is now back in NYC where she continues to share Haiti’s rich and vibrant culture and art through her new venture “Explore with Nat & Artisans du Monde”.

Her business curates trips that offer guests the opportunity to experience the local culture and delicious cuisine while soaking up the sun and building amazing memories.