Boaz AngladeBoaz ANGLADE Biography

Anglade is a doctoral candidate in Applied Economics at the University of Florida. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Florida International University and a Master’s degree in Business Economics from the University of South Florida. He has been published in the journal of Haitian Studies and has taught economics and Haitian Creole at the undergraduate level at several institutions. His research interests include international development and resource economics. Mr. Anglade has interned at the Inter-American Development Bank, working in the climate change division on projects to help small farmers in Haiti adapt to climate change. Currently, he is writing a three-essay dissertation on gender inequality in asset wealth, poverty, and the coping strategies to shocks.

Mr. Anglade will work with the Ministry for Planning and External Cooperation (Ministère de la Planification et de la Coopération Externe – MPCE)