For those who are interested in collecting and sending materials to Haiti for relief efforts, we strongly recommend that you make contact with local organizations and/or institutions on the ground prior to shipping. The Embassy of Haiti is not accepting any collected relief items. For your materials to clear customs, please follow the mandatory procedure below provided by the “Ministry of Interior and Civil Protection.”

In order to get a container out of Customs, the record holder will pass through the Ministry, located at 29, Rue Duncombe (Bois-Verna), where they will submit the following documents:

  1. The original bill of landing endorsed by the Direction of Civil Protection (DPC) or the Ministry of Interior and Civil Protection (MICT)
  2. The freight Certificate
  3. The custom declaration prepared to the name of the DPC or the MICT
  4. The delivery order (where the importer also needs to be the DPC or the MICT)
  5. A detailed list of the imported articles
  6. The import invoice or estimation
  7. The donation certificate

Once these documents are submitted and satisfy all requirements, the DPC or the MICT will diligently process them with the Ministry of Finance in order to obtain the custom franchise, which will facilitate the exiting of the container from customs.

Please Note: for medicines or all medical articles/equipments, the interested party should contact the Ministry of Public Health “Ministère de la Santé Publique.”


Step 1: Contact local organizations and/or institutions on the ground with strong ties in the affected communities
Step 2: Submit the required documents to the Ministry of Interior and Civil Protection (MICT) with the support of your partnered organization on the ground
Step 3: DPC or the MICT will process the receipt of the container by the designated recipient
Step 4: Contact your recipient to ensure a successful delivery