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Dr. Margaret Mitchell Armand : Author, Conflict Mediator and Peacemaker

margaret mitchell armandDr. Margaret Mitchell Armand is a lifelong ambassador of Haitian Vodou tradition and culture. She advocates understanding and respect for the culture of Haitian people, which she believes must be fostered by a national education program and political platform rooted in decolonization and peace building.

As an author, her latest book “Healing in the homeland – Haitian Vodou Tradition”, locates the historical oppressive conjuncture at the root of the persistent Haitian national division and offers peace building solutions. She believes that “Haitians need to define themselves in their own terms. As long as Haitian people are afraid to take ownership of their traditional practices and values, they will not be able to reclaim their nation.”

5211653In 1980, Margaret was the first Haitian-American certified teacher to be hired by Broward County School System in Florida. She ran for political office in 1998 and is currently a member of the Broward Cultural Council. Throughout her career as an educator, licensed psychotherapist and Supreme Court family mediator, she has used her conflict transformation skills to empower individuals and families.

Margaret was born and raised in Haiti and, as an adult, has lived in New York, Pennsylvania and Texas before settling in Haiti and Plantation, Florida in 1979. She earned a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution at Nova Southeastern University.

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