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Discover Haiti’s Entrepreneurs & Businesses:
Stephanie Gazenard: Creator and Designer, Stephanie’s Collection

Stephanie GazenardWhether it is her beautifully-beaded bags or sumptuous sequined sandals, Stephanie Gazenard’s line of accessories, Stephanie’s Collection, are works of art in their own right and glimpse into the hidden talent Haiti has to offer the world.

Born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Gazenard studied computer program and enrolled in modeling school. However, she was drawn to and embraced the arts. An encounter with local shoemaker, who was less than enthusiastic about footwear, sparked her interest to create rich, exotic and colorful sandals that women will want to wear. Realizing her true talent with the help of family and friends, Stephanie’s Collection was born in 2006.

SGazenard4The originality, uniqueness and perfection of her handmade leather goods, adorned with beads, sequins, ornaments and jewels, have been lauded by clients, the media and industry peers. Stephanie’s Collection have been used in campaigns to spotlight Haiti’s art and culture.

At the intersection of passion and imagination, Gazenard’s work is a testament to her talent and cultural pride.

To order you can contact:
Stephanie Gazenard
57 rue derenoncourt Petion-Ville


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