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Discover Haiti’s Entrepreneurs & Businesses:
Daphnèe K. Floreal, Owner & Chief Jewelry Designer of Bijou Lakay

DKFlorealDaphnèe K. Floreal first designed her own jewelry as a hobby after falling in love with pieces she saw in an art gallery made from bull horns. “I received lots of compliments for them and that’s how the business really started,” Ms. Floreal said.

In 2005, while still a university student, she formally started her business, Bijou Lakay. By 2007, Ms. Floreal created her own line of jewelry and now frequently participates in artisan shows in Haiti and abroad. Her pieces are made from bull horns that she buys from Haitian farmers. The jewelry is designed with women ages 18 to 65 in mind. “My focus is style,” Ms. Floreal said. “With the first sample, I test comfort and quality. Then naturally, I fix what should be fixed.”

Her design inspiration comes from geometric shapes, nature, museums and art galleries. “A cartoon can inspire me or a period in world history.”

“Designing is like my oxygen, I cannot live without it,” Ms. Floreal said. “When things go wrong, I create a piece, and when things are great I create even more.”

Bijou Lakay is based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti
509- 3425-3204 / 3747-4578 

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