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Discover Haiti’s Entrepreneurs & Businesses:
David André, Owner of David André Collection in Petion-Ville, Haiti

David AndreSince his childhood in Port-au-Prince, David André enjoyed creating new looks. “Fashion was always my passion,” said Mr. André. “I love to design, to make patterns and to make people happy with a new outfit.”

After studying design, fabrics, sketching and pattern making, Mr. André started his business in 1998. “I started this business with nothing big in my pocket or in my account. I bought my first sewing machine and had one employee,” he said. “Now, I have plenty of machines, more employees and a very good clientele list.”

Mr. André designs and sells clothing for men and women, along with a unisex beachwear line, which can be seen in boutiques in the Dominican Republic and Guadeloupe. The line will soon be available in the Bahamas and Jamaica. Since 2008, he has showcased his clothing internationally, including at fashion weeks in New York, Toronto, Nassau, Miami and in Martinique. In 2011, he opened David André Collection Store in Haiti. He offers a range of clothing including high fashion, wedding wear, uniforms, accessories and more.

Now, André has a total of 10 employees in his workshop and store.

“Being an entrepreneur is a big challenge for me. Because my business employs other people, I don’t have the right to make mistakes,” said Mr. André, who constantly seeks new clients and projects in order to support his staff. “I look forward to having more employees and a bigger workshop.”

His clients range from young professionals to wealthy retirees. “My prices are very moderate. I want everyone to be able to buy one of my creations.”

Mr. André encourages other entrepreneurs, particularly those in Haiti, to work on building their dreams. “You need to believe in your dream,” he said. “Nothing is free in life. I learned to be devoted, patient and to be positive about my dream. Everything in life is a risk. All of the biggest companies in the world started from zero.”

“Haitian entrepreneurs need to create more businesses to decrease poverty.”

12, Rue Oge, Petion-Ville, Haiti (HT6141)
(509) 3676-7667

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