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Discover Haiti’s Summer Interns:
Yolanda Richard, Black Religion in the African Diaspora, Yale University

Yolanda Richard is currently interning in the Embassy’s Political Affairs Department. As a Haitian-American woman she aspires to develop her knowledge of Haiti and the diplomatic relationship between Haiti and the United States. She graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Arts degree, double majoring in Political Science and Africana Studies. Ms. Richard is currently studying at Yale University in her second year of her Master’s degree in Arts and Religion, concentrating in Black Religion in the African Diaspora at the Yale Divinity School. Her research has focused on the religious history of Haiti in regards to the connection between African ancestral worship and Christianity. Her research is expanding to evaluate the impact that religious composition of Haiti has on the functioning of its government and international diplomacy.

Yolanda’s primary role at the Embassy is to assist in the Political Affairs Department’s efforts to engage with Congress. She also performs extensive research and develops reports on congressional bills and public services that impact Haitian communities in Haiti and abroad.

We are happy to have her here with us for the summer of 2013!

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