2-The Eighth Class – Goup Photo with Ambassador Altidor and Chef Jouvens

10-Main On Stage Food historian Asley Rose Young, Chef Jouvens, Amb Altidor, NMAAHC curator Joanne Hyppolite

11-The Audience Angle

12-Behind the scenes pre-show

13-Guest Dish Close Up

14-Amb Altidor and Chef – Behind the Scenes

15-Amb. PGA, Joanne H from the Smithsonian, Chef Jovens

9-Ambassador Altidor with Chef Jouven during class

16-bannan peze


1-Chef Jouvens Jean at Embassy Renovated Kitchen

3-The Class Selfie in Embassy Chef Kitchen

4a-Class in Session

4-Students Participation

5-The Cocktail – Creole Mojito

6-Student Participation – Hands on approach

7-The Entree Kreyol Sushi Roll

8-Dining Experience Guest – Couple