Annie CARISMA Biography

Carisma is a postgraduate student at the University of Westminster studying International Development Management. Her dissertation research is on the effect that ‘aid for trade’ rather than other traditional forms of aid would have on Haiti’s economy. Prior to pursuing her master’s degree, Carisma successfully managed two institutional grants valued at over $3.9 million dollars at Williston State College. As a Business Operational Specialist for Georgia State’s School Nutrition Program, Carisma worked extensively overseeing requests for US Department of Agriculture foods for more than 150 counties valued at over $60 million dollars. Additionally, she performed annual procurement and food distribution reviews ensuring that school systems followed federal regulations. As a US Peace Corps volunteer, Carisma served for two years as a community advisor in a rural village in northern Malawi, Africa.

Carisma assists with the Sully Dimanche Foundation’s building project to construct a clinic in Gommiers, Haiti.

Ms. Carisma will work at the Center for Investment Facilitation (Centre de Facilitation des Investissements – CFI).