Florence Louis-Charles, a native Haitian, moved to the USA when she was a teenager. As a child, one would often find her drawing or making designs out of her “riz et sauce pois” at mealtime. Her father who is a painter introduced her to watercolor at the age of 10. Florence enjoys exploring different mediums, styles, and techniques to change and grow as an artist. Over the years, her style has shifted from realism to include some abstract qualities. She loves to mix mediums and styles that traditionally have not gone together. She illustrates emotion and depth by capturing moments, such as the loving gaze of a mother upon her child in her piece “Maman”, or the bliss and freedom of dancing in the piece “dancing.” Dancing is an integral part of Haitain culture, folklore, and history. Through Florence’s art, the viewer discovers the beauty, complexity, and richness of Haitian culture.