Katiana J. Smith is a painter based in Palm Beach County. Using bold colors, Smith paints the African Diaspora, more specifically, people of Haitian descent. As a first-generation Haitian-American, Smith’s primary focus is to document the stoic, misrepresented, and underappreciated people of Haiti. Her artwork focusses on facial expressions and the stories that people tell through their eyes, poise, and features. Smiths’ desire to paint people of color stems from her upbringing but now serves as a political statement, a reminder that the African Diaspora has a place in the American story. She received training from the New World School of Arts, a magnet program in middle school, but her talent is innate. Smith stopped painting for 15 years and has returned to the brush. Now as an emerging artist, she exhibits and does live paintings in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach. Presently, she is involved in community initiatives that celebrate South Florida’s diversity while also working on commissions and shows.