Michael Brudent was born in Port-au-Prince on July 18, 1947. At a very early age, he embarked on his calling into decorative art and attended “L’Ecole des beaux Arts”. In 1968, Brudent was discovered by Dorcely who taught the basis of design and acrylics.  Brudent’s artistic curiosity drove him very early on into the halls of Rex Theatre a well known Theatre institution in Haiti ” where playwrights and technical staff hired him as a stage decorator. At the same time he was requested to illustrate educational manuals for primary and secondary schools.

Always entrepreneurial, Brudent presented his capacity as an artist for advertising among merchants and business people at “bord-de-Mer”. It did not take much time for this artist’s seriousness, natural gaiety and common sense (which is a rare quality among artist ) to be recognized.

Michael Brudent has proved himself to be an exceptional Haitian artist and is known by the Haitian Nationals at large by risking himself in the public eye with the brush strokes, pens, and colours. He obtained his tenacity, in large part, in calligrapy, science and the arts which, in comparaison with other Haitian artists, he handles quite well.

His passion with calligraphy really started the day he visited the Chinese Embassy in Haiti in 1970. At this time the ambassador welcomed Haitians interested in Chinese culture. Western artists at large have been influenced by chinese culture and Brudent is no exception.

For certain, Brudent’s graphic art is at the same time an art and a science whose technique is not easily ascertained nor understood until many years of following and analyzing the artist’s works. In 1983, Brudent took a refresher course in New York City and received certification in ancient and modern calligraphy. He currently owns and manages “Solfimi Art Gallery” in Haiti.