Naomie PIERRE LOUIS Biography

Senior level executive and strategic partner with international experience and background in management and strategic communications who has proven to be an asset to every team she has worked with and initiative she has led. She plays a vital role in developing and managing systems, driving operational excellence, strengthening relationships, shaping narratives to maximize the productivity and impact of institutions in the private and public sectors.

Ms. Pierre Louis has a Master’s degree in Public Administration and Global Politics from Robertson School of Government in Virginia Beach, VA and a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Theology from Nyack College in Nyack, NY.

Ms. Pierre Louis has served in a variety of executive boards, including the executive board of the National Association of Haitian Professionals (NAHP). She has also interned at the Embassy of the Republic of Haiti in Washington, DC and Roots of Development. Ms. Pierre-Louis is an accomplished management and communications professional where she has successfully led high level projects, established business process improvements, managed the internal and external communications of national level institutions.

She is a charismatic, innovative and solutions driven public administrator and strategic communicator with over 5 years providing forward-thinking leadership and management solutions. During her time in Washington and abroad, she applied her management, strategic planning and government relations skills to strengthen projects and contribute to the development process of nations in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

Ms. Pierre-Louis serves as an exceptional liaison between parties to better strengthen partnerships and facilitate development. Ms. Pierre-Louis has also managed high-profile events for heads of states and other dignitaries. She has an impressive command of the English and Haitian Creole languages and working knowledge of French and Spanish.

Ms. Pierre Louis will work the Office for Housing and Public Buildings Construction.