Natacha Thys is a Haitian-American, lawyer-turned-artist. After practicing human rights law for many years, she began painting in 2011 after a dream seeing her grandmother and flashes of color. She believes her grandmother and other ancestors provide a living presence in her deeply spiritual paintings. Her style suggests a reinterpretation and merging of color field abstraction, cubism and impressionism. She has studied painting, pottery, interior design and art history with a variety of art institutions and programs in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, including the Corcoran School of Art and Design and the Virginia Art League.

Natacha has been exhibiting her work since 2012 and her work was reviewed and featured in the Washington Post in 2015 and 2016. She continues to exhibit regularly in Washington, DC and New York City, where her work is included in several private collections. In December 2014, she was juried into the Foundry Gallery, one of DC’s most established member operated galleries. Selected works are currently represented by Hermitage Gallery.

Artist Statement

My process of creating art is deeply intuitive and spiritual. It is rooted in metaphysical principles about the power of art to serve as a gateway to the higher self and transformation. Combining structure and chance, I work with acrylics, brushes, and palette knives to create intricate, multi-layered paintings. My work is abstract though it often alludes to landscapes, textures, and patterns. Each its own unique world of remembered experiences, spaces, and emotions. These abstractions allow a continuous dialogue between the viewer and the painting, adding meaning and vision, both conscious and subconscious.