The works of self-taught artist Patricia Brintle are vibrant and remind the viewer of her native Haiti. Brintle’s approach to painting is varied; she does not follow any particular school but rather lets her rich culture guide her creative muse. Her paintings are infused with complex symbolisms that seem, at first glance, simple but reveal themselves upon further examination. Her style is as varied as her subjects but she favors bright and vivid colors as she explores the universality of human emotions in every one of her artworks. Many of Brintle’s works address strong issues such as nuclear disarmament, the Holocaust and the Haitian earthquake. Several of her works are featured in movies and grace the covers and pages of books, magazines, and publications. Brintle belongs to several art organizations and exhibits internationally.

Brintle is also the president of From Here to Haiti, Ltd. (FHTH), a non-profit all-volunteer charity doing repair work in Haiti, and donates most of the proceeds from the sale of her artworks to FHTH.

Some of Brintle’s artistic accomplishments include:
Showing at:
Brooklyn College in Brooklyn, NY
Art Market Hamptons 2018 in Bridgehampton, NY
Basilica di San Lorenzo in Florence, Italy
Richard Taittinger Gallery in New York City
Dosey Gallery in Brooklyn, NY
Harlem Fine Art Show in New York City
New York Art Expo in NYC
National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, Georgia
Salon des Artistes Independents – Grand Palais, Paris, France
Albert Schweitzer Museum in Hamdem Connecticut
Queens Museum of Art in New York
Consulate General of Haiti in New York
The United Nations in New York
National Museum of Catholic Art and History in New York
Birmingham Civil Rights Institute in Alabama
Rosa Park Museum in Montgomery, Alabama

  • Several of Brintle’s artworks on the devastation, resistance and rescue efforts of the Holocaust belong to the permanent collection of the Holocaust Center of Temple Judea in New York.
  • A Delicate Balance won the “Images of Peace” national competition to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Albert Schweitzer’s call for nuclear disarmament and belongs to the collection of the Albert Schweitzer Museum’s in Hamden, Connecticut.
  • Annunciation is among the illustrations of National Geographic The Story of Mary
  • Madonna and Child – First Steps graces the cover of Introducing the New Testament by Mark Allan Powell – Second Edition.
  • Last Breath graces the cover of Christianity and Human Rights by Cambridge Press.
  • Voiliers au Port a Bainet graced the cover of the U.S. National Maritime Historical Society publication Sea History Magazine.
  • Virgo Virginum, Regina Caeli, Ora Pro Nobis, and Assumption graced the covers and pages of “Give us This Day” by Liturgical Press.
  • Several of Brintle’s artworks were featured in 2015 Golden Globe nominee film St. Vincent with Bill Murray and in 2015 National Geographic feature film Killing Jesus.