Patricia Lafontant is a self-taught Haitian- American mixed media artist who lives and works in Washington DC. Her paintings, collages, wares and photographs pay homage to every day people of color. A native of Miami, Lafontant’s works contain warm and nuanced expressions, and vibrant colors. Her distinctive personal style expresses the complex spirit and atmosphere of black life and culture. Her collages and street photographs tell a story. They address the complexity of one’s sexuality, a moment of stillness and thought, or a time of personal hardship. She finds “that even positive moments and expressions are complex if we really pay close attention to the details.” She instinctually “break[s] the rules” of art and stereotype “when creating.” Patricia started painting in 2017 after graduating from Florida A&M University with a bachelors of science in nursing, and the University of Phoenix with a masters’ degree in Science with a specialty in health education. She is currently pursuing a post graduate degree at Duke University. Patricia’s unique background allows her to create art that is raw and filled with truth.