On Sunday, June 2, 2019, the Haitian Football Federation traveled to Washington, DC for a competing friendly game against El Salvador. To uplift the culture, the Embassy brought in a live supporter band by the name of “Plezi RaRa” from New York. Along with members of the DC Haitian community, the band cheered the Haitian soccer team as they display their appreciation and enthusiasm for Haiti’s national sport. What ended as a 0-1 game, with El Salvador leading with 1 point, became a celebratory moment for the Haitian fans. The supporter band and members of the Haitian community took over the stadium with sounds of joy, excitement, pride and nostalgia for the culture.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Hervé H. Denis joined the soccer team in their locker room for a meet and greet. During his conversation, he seized the opportunity to congratulate them on a game well played and invited them to his Residence during their next trip in Washington to discuss Sports Diplomacy.