On June 5, Ambassador Altidor attended a signing ceremony of the MOU between Morgan State University (MSU) and the “Universite Publique De l”Artibonite Aux Gonaives” (UPAG) to establish a mutually beneficial education and research relationship in all fields and disciplines offered at the two institutions. The MOU signifies joint aspirations to develop a strategic alliance and promote academic and cultural ties. The partnership will share and draw on the strengths and experiences, exchanges of knowledge, ideas, networks and resources, between MSU and UPAG. The Government of Haiti is looking forward to this newly established relationship.

L to R: Dr. Raymond Terry, Dr. Kim Sydnor, Dr. Jean Odile Etienne, Ambassador Altidor, Dr. David Wilson, Dr. Gloria

L to R: Pastor Ralph Pierre-Louis, Franz Stuppard, Ambassador Altidor, Dr. Jean Odile Etienne, Marvin D SaintPreux

His Excellency Paul G. Altidor, Ambassador of Haiti to the U.S.