danoise Joseph is the founder of Ida J. & Company, a start-up gourmet dessert & catering business located in Brooklyn, NY. Self-taught in the culinary arts in Haiti, Idanoise started this company to bring awareness of the Haitian food and dessert culture to NY giving the Haitian community a taste of what they remember from back home.

Born in Corail, Grand’Ance Haiti, Idanoise had a passion for cooking and was inspired to utilize her skills to show the world some of the best foods from her homeland Haiti. She moved to Brooklyn, NY in 1982 with her husband, Fils Joseph and a dream of one day becoming a businesswoman. Idanoise was working full-time as a home health aid while taking care of her 6 children. In 2015 Idanoise started making confiture (means fruit jam) from home as a hobby and received praises from family and friends and was encouraged to turn it into a business where she can make a profit.

At the age of 62, Idanoise has left her job to be a full-time entrepreneur. To date Idanoise now offers a variety of Haitian inspired products such as Confiture Peau Chadeque (Grapefruit jam), Confiture Ananas (Pineapple jam), Confiture Guava, Tablet (peanut brittle), Piklis (spicy pickled cabbage), Cremas (Cream Liquor) & much more. Today, you can find some of her products in wellknown establishments such as Le Bon Pain Bakery in Queens, New York.