Introducing Our Newest Culinary Class Series “Manje Lakay“

Dear Esteemed Friends,

The Embassy and its staff have been hard at work developing a culinary initiative to share with the community. We are excited to provide this complimentary service and share this experience with our community of friends and supporters.

Haitian gastronomy is at the core of our dynamic culture. Signature dishes such as du riz djondjon, griot and mayi moulin conjure Haiti for its visitors and its sons and daughters across the globe.

I thought it would be fitting as the winter season draws near that we come together to discover the art of Haitian cooking while enjoying a spirited Rhum Barbancourt cocktail in an intimate setting.

I am delighted to invite you to the Embassy’s newest cooking class series, scheduled to debut in our renovated chef kitchen on Saturday, December 3. We have an exciting line up of renowned Haitian chefs and culinary curators who have partnered with the Embassy of Haiti on this gastronomical journey. The classes will focus on classical Haitian cuisine with a hands-on approach and engaging conversations on Haiti’s history, culture and culinary roots. Students should also expect to learn how to mix a drink just in time for the holiday festivities.

The series is gearing up to be a memorable experience. I encourage you, dear friends, to consider reserving your seats early, as space will be limited.

Let’s wrap up the year together. I’m looking forward to seeing you at one of our cooking classes.

A formal invitation with reservation information will follow.

Please note that admission to one class will not guarantee participation in another class.


My Warmest Regards,


Ambassador Paul Altidor