Esteemed Friends of the Embassy,

It is my hope that the summer has treated you well despite the periodic heat waves. As we transition from one season to another, I am reminded of your unwavering support throughout the years. I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to everyone who has attended our events over the years and contributed to our mission in ways both seen and unseen.

We have dedicated the past few months to renovating and modernizing the Embassy of Haiti, as well as strengthening the services that we provide to the public. The renovation process is nearing its end, and the staff of the Embassy is eager to welcome you back. I am pleased to announce the opening of the Embassy Garden, “Les Jardins de l’Ambassade”, a serene and enchanted space showcasing Haiti’s rich culture, fascinating arts and unique history. The Embassy Garden now serves as the new entrance for all Embassy guests. Our new library, which will house rare Haitian books, is close to being completed.

In addition to the physical changes happening within the building, we are also undergoing changes operationally, as far as the services we provide to the community. For instance, our consular section can now issue a passport in less than an hour to any Haitian citizen who presents the required documentation; a process that used to take multiples hours, and sometimes days in the past. We are working tirelessly to provide a more personalized, efficient and pleasant service to our constituents. I personally invite you to stop by the Embassy and see the progress. Come and enjoy a cup of delicious hot Haitian chocolate with us while we give you a tour!

I encourage you to stay connected with us as these upcoming months are shaping up to be a robust and exciting season for the Embassy. We are planning to offer more services than before; starting with our Creole classes, offered free of charge. An exciting lineup of distinguished presenters is already confirmed to partake in the popular Embassy Speaker Series. In collaboration with a number of renowned Haitian chefs, we are also pleased to introduce cooking classes to our community of friends, which will be held in our new chef kitchen. With this array of activities and events currently in the works, we hope some will be of interest to you. We are striving to make your experience at the Embassy of Haiti a memorable one. Please join us and encourage your friends, colleagues and family members to join our mailing list.

This journey has only been possible through your collaboration. As always, thank you for your support! I look forward to hosting you at the Embassy.

Warmest Regards,

Ambassador Paul Altidor