olympians1The Embassy of Haiti honored its local Haitian Olympians Moise Joseph and Samyr Laine, Sept. 13, 2012. Ambassador Paul Altidor expressed gratitude for the way the two athletes represented Haiti in the 2012 Olympic Summer Games in London.

“We are proud to shine a spotlight on these athletes who show the world Haiti’s many talents,” said Ambassador Paul Altidor.

“Carrying the Haitian flag is important to us,” said Laine, a triple jumper. “We’re pioneering a new Haiti.”

Joseph agreed. “We were very honored,” Joseph, a runner, told the crowd of community supporters. “We have a lovely culture.”

The reception included community leaders and others who came to celebrate Haiti. A group of college students and graduates traveled from the Notre Dame of Haiti church in Miami. They represented the Pierre Toussaint Leadership and Learning Center’s Civic Engagement Group.

Also in attendance were Gael Monnin, manager of the famed Haitian gallery Monnin, and Rossy Ramos, a Dominican curator. Monnin and Ramos were in Washington planning a joint modern art exhibit with the Embassy of Haiti and the Embassy of the Dominican Republic.

“We will have more events like this,” promised Ambassador Altidor. “Don’t be a stronger to the Embassy.”