altidor-palmyraOn Friday, March 14, Ambassador Altidor and his staff welcomed Jeff Remington, Life Science educator and his students to the Embassy.

The students travelled from Pennsylvania to DC for a special visit to the Embassy. Although they have been raising money for their Haiti project, and sharing lessons with many Haitian students in Haiti, for most of them, this was the first time sampling Haitian cuisine, and learning about Haiti’s history.

The Ambassador thanked them for their work and partnership with Haiti. He encouraged the group to visit Haiti and experience its hospitality and beauty first hand.

The Palmyra-Haiti Technology Project supports two schools in St. Marc and focuses on computers in the classroom, science labs and other technology that are used in many Middle Schools in the U.S.

The students shared that they have learned a lot about Haiti and its culture during their visit at the Embassy.

“The Haitian Embassy was awesome. They were so nice. We learned a lot about the history of Haiti, where they are now, and what they’re trying to do.” — Tyler

“I like [their saying] ‘you come in as strangers and leave as family.’ The [Haitian people] love meeting people.” —Ethan

“[To see the project] inspired me. It was so nice that they had food for us.” –Brian

“It was a neat experience to meet everyone [at the Haitian Embassy].” — Makaila

“I thought it was cool to meet people from Haiti, and to learn what life is like there.” –Annabelle.

Please click on the link for some of the history of the student project and accomplishments to date.


Photo Credit: Alexa Viscardi
Photo Credit: Embassy of Haiti