passportdc2013Saturday, May 2nd, 10am – 4pm

“Haiti: Experience it!” right here in the heart of Washington D.C. Join us as we celebrate Passport D. C.’s Around the World Embassy Tour with various displays of Haitian culture.

Visitors will hop on a tap tap, go to the market to enjoy some tasty treats, go to the beach and have a waiter serve rum punch while listening to live drum-playing! We know that you can’t visit the entire island in one-day, but you will leave the Embassy with a sample of what Haiti has to offer.

Admission is free. Reservations are not required

About Passport D.C. & the Around the World Embassy Tour

Passport D.C. is an annual celebration of international culture presented by Cultural Tourism DC which showcases Washington DC’s embassies and cultural organizations with tours of more than 70 embassies and hundreds of events.

Passport D.C. Around the World Embassy Tour allows visitors and residents to celebrate and sample international culture and heritage in Washington, D.C. Over 40 embassies, representing six continents, will offer family-friendly events showcasing art, music, traditional dress, and much more.

For more information about Passport D.C.’s Around the World Embassy Tour, visit their website.