Day 7 | May 21

Rebuilding Haiti through Entrepreneurship: The Gift That Will Keep on Giving

A Pop-up Shop Featuring Products from Haitian-American Designers and Entrepreneurs

As a country with a rich oral tradition, proverbs hold an important place in Haitian culture. One of Haiti’s most commonly employed proverbs is bay piti pa chich (to give little is not stingy), and far from being stingy, the Embassy gifted the public with a degi (a little something extra) by concluding Haiti Week in DC with an 7th day of activities. On Sunday, May 21st, the Chancery was transformed into a Haitian marketplace with a Pop-Up Shop featuring products from Haitian American designers and entrepreneurs. Attendees had the opportunity to purchase products from Artisans du Monde by Nathalie Tancrède, Byen Abyé by Dayanne Danier, Deux Noirs by Eddy Albertini, Vetiver Les Cayes by Reginald Canal, and Zesa Raw by Michelle Jean. The entrepreneurs displayed a wide array of merchandise sourced from and/or inspired by Haiti, from gourmet products to fashion accessories. In addition to viewing and purchasing these marvelous products as they enjoyed the sound of Haitian twoubadou music, attendees had the opportunity to meet and interact with the designers and entrepreneurs behind the brands.

To learn more about this initiative and how to participate, please click here.

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