WASHINGTON, DC – OCTOBER 5, 2016 – On October 4, 2016, a category 4 storm landed in Haiti dumping rain and scouring the land with maximum sustained winds of 145 miles per hour. While this natural disaster has left crops, homes and bridges severely damaged, there have been few casualties. Five storm-related deaths have been reported. As of now, the country is in a period of assessing the full impact and damage caused by this hostile visitor. The government of Haiti, in partnership with civil society organizations, has taken concrete steps to address the urgent needs on the ground.

The next few days will be critical to the recovery process of the nation. It is expected that many will want to engage and take initiatives towards recovery and relief efforts. The state of Haiti strongly encourages all individuals who are in the process of organizing specific responses and action plans, to work with the local organizations and institutions in Haiti. To prevent misused time and resources, a coordinated and strategic approach is highly advised.

The Embassy of Haiti has made itself available to provide guidance, current developments and recent updates. We encourage all who wish to assist to connect with the Embassy of Haiti in Washington DC.

A hotline has also been established to channel and respond to all media inquiries and questions from the community at large, (202) 320-4436.


The Embassy of Haiti in Washington, The Embassy of Haiti in Washington, DC (the “Embassy”) is at the forefront of Haiti’s engagement with inter alia, the United States Government, development financial institutions, private sector investors, and the thousands of Haitian citizens living in the Washington, DC and Mid-Atlantic region. For more information, visit http://www.haiti.org.