The Kick-off | Saturday, May 13

 Haitian Cooking and Intimate Dining Experience with Chef Dimitri Lilavois

On Saturday, May 13th, Haiti Week in DC was officially launched with a Haitian cooking class and dining experience at the Embassy. Guided by renowned Haitian chef Dimitri Lilavois, the culinary class participants cooked a traditional Haitian meal and prepared a Haitian cocktail. Thereafter, they made their way from the kitchen to the grand ballroom where they dined with Ambassador Paul G. Altidor, the Chef and additional guests.


Cocktail: Rhum sour
Appetizer: Cod croquettes, fresh herb mix salad
Entrée: Stewed Creole conch, djon djon rice, chayote au gratin, microgreens
Dessert: Gateau au beurre, rhum caramel and fresh fruits

Click here for the recipe. 

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To join an upcoming class, please submit an email to subject line “Manje Lakay.”