Ambassador Paul Altidor attended the Yale International Relations Association (YIRA) Global Perspectives Society event on February 25th. He was joined by members of the faculty and student body, including members of Yale’s Haitian community for a private dinner followed by an hour-long discussion.

During the dinner, Ambassador Altidor recalled his own path to a diplomatic career. He shared his work experiences from the private to the public sector and how those different vintage points shaped his own perspective when he began his assignment as the Ambassador of Haiti to the U.S. He emphasized the importance of the Haitian Diaspora’s efforts to move Haiti forward, a topic he spent much of the dinner discussing.

Ambassador Altidor screened the U.S. TV campaign for tourism in Haiti that recently launched in New York City, and spoke on the private sector’s engagement in Haiti to achieve true sustainable development. He also encouraged students to visit Haiti in the future not so much for service endeavors but also for learning and leisure. Students asked many questions about the diplomatic priorities that the Ambassador has been working on.

The Yale International Relations Association (YIRA) was founded in 1969 by a group of individuals who wished to promote a better understanding of global affairs after the events of the turbulent 1960s, YIRA’s mission is to raise awareness of and foster debate about international relations and global affairs through a number of unique programs. Yale is at once a tradition, a company of scholars, a society of friends.

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