apierreOn Thursday, March 27, Embassy staff members joined over one hundred young Haitian professionals ranging from college students to mid-level professionals at Bohemian Caverns for a networking event. The event was organized and hosted by Anabelle Pierre, and Marc Alain Boucicault, two young Haitian professionals working and studying in Washington D.C. The invited speaker Cleve Mesidor, a dynamic Haitian American who recently returned from a six-month independent professional endeavor in Haiti to speak to the crowd of young Haitians, on the power of their collective efforts to the development of Haiti.

“It is Haiti’s millennia that are best positioned to find viable solutions to power Haiti for generations to come.” Shared Cleve and reminded the crowd that it is estimated that about 70% of Haiti’s population is under 35 years old and about 50% under 15 years old. The idea behind hosting this event came when Anabelle realized that she was meeting individual Haitians, who did not know of each other, and there was also no mechanism to help them connect.

This was Anabelle and Marc Alain ‘s first time hosting such an event in DC, however, they are already working on their next venture. These two are also part of another project called Élan Haiti (www.elan.ht) that seeks to connect young Haitian Diaspora’s from different parts of the world with their counterparts in Haiti.

To find out more about Anabelle, Marc Alain and Cleve, please visit their LinkedIn profiles:

Anabelle: www.linkedin.com/in/anabellep
Marc Alain: www.linkedin.com/in/marcalainb
Cleve: www.linkedin.com/in/cmesi

Photo Credit: Emmanuel Jean Marie