About the Cooking Series: Launched on December 3rd 2016, Manje Lakay is a cooking class series designed to offer the Washington community an opportunity to experience classic Haitian gastronomy and its influential roots from Haiti’s finest culinary professionals. The series was initiated as part of a larger Embassy strategy to promote Haiti and all it has to offer from its cuisine, art and everything in between. In addition to this series, the Embassy has instituted a variety of other initiatives including a Kreyol Class Series, a Speaker Series, a Business Roundtable Series and guided tours of the Embassy.

What to Expect: Students should expect to learn how to prepare a three (3) course meal with a signature cocktail from celebrity Haitian chefs. Past menus have included an award wining cocktail Ti Zuazo, Accra ak lambi boukanen, Pikliz chou mauv (Malanga fritter with grilled conch, Purple cabbage pikliz), Poisson griller sauce ti-malice, Riz pois congo, avocat (Whole Grilled Snapper with shallot sauce, Rice with pigeon peas, sliced tomato and avocado), Blanc manjer coco; Kreyol punch, Canapé de banane verte, Chicktay harreng et farce d’avocat, Haitian oxtail with djondjon and calalou, coconut rice, Beignet de banane, sauce chocolat pays.

Upon arrival, students are greeted by our staff and hosted to a private tour of the renovated Chancery by the Ambassador. They also receive a custom made apron to wear during the class. The classes are held in the newly renovated chef kitchen and last about three and a half (3.5) hours followed by a dining experience held in the Embassy ballroom. Students are informed of the menu before class and are not required to bring any items with them. The classes are held once/twice a month. We hope you will consider joining one of our classes for a memorable Haitian culinary experience.

Registration: To register, please submit an email to amb.washington@diplomatie.ht with the subject line Manje Lakay.

Connect With Us: We invite you to connect with us on social media to learn more about our classes and other activities at the Embassy.

Profile: Embassy of Haiti (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) with the trending hashtags #EOHEvents #ManjeLakay

Cooking Class Demo coming soon!