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Embassy of Haiti
Washington, DC


The Embassy is currently undergoing a process of revitalization and modernization with the aim of better aligning the Embassy’s activities with Government of Haiti’s (“GOH”) strategic priorities and revamp and enhance the services it currently provides to Haitian citizens. The main strategic priority identified by the GOH remains the advancing of business diplomacy. Thus, the Embassy is orienting its activities to foster business development to generate economic growth and job creation. In addition, the Embassy is in the process of enhancing its community outreach services and undertaking the renovation of its physical space.

The Embassy of Haiti in Washington, DC (the “Embassy”) is at the forefront of Haiti’s engagement with, inter alia, the United States government; development financial institutions; private sector investors; and the thousands of Haitian citizens living in Washington, DC and the Mid-Atlantic region. The Embassy’s primary focus includes (i) promoting strong bilateral ties with the United States; (ii) deepening diplomatic ties, cooperation and dialogue with international organizations and development financial institutions; (iii) attracting foreign direct investment to Haiti while supporting the Haitian private sector; (iv) strengthening and streamlining services for Haitian citizens; (v) showcasing Haiti’s culture through the promotion of tourism, cultural events, and educational exchanges; and (vi) enhancing the Embassy’s outreach services.

The Embassy is offering internships to graduate students and professionals seeking a rewarding professional experience and interested in assisting the Embassy as it advances the strategic objectives referenced above. Internship opportunities exist in a variety of areas including political affairs, legal affairs, cultural affairs, tourism promotion, communications, economic and trade affairs, private sector development, and consular affairs. Interns must commit to working a minimum of 8 hours per week and a maximum of 40 hours per week, for a period of 6-12 weeks.

After successful completion of the internship, interns will be given a reference letter outlining the structure and nature of the internship. Internships will not lead to subsequent employment or permanent positions with the Embassy. The internship is unpaid. A small transportation stipend is provided.

Terms of References for priority areas are provided below. Interested applicants are encouraged to review the requirements and submit completed applications to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis for winter, spring, summer and fall positions. Apply now!

Terms of Reference - Legal Intern

Terms of Reference - Strategy/Political Affairs Division Intern

Terms of Reference - Economic and Trade Division intern

Terms of Reference - Webmaster intern

Terms of Reference - Communications intern

Terms of Reference - Cultural and Community Affairs intern

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