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Embassy of Haiti Announces Haiti’s Future Leaders Fellowship 2015, Class of Jean Price-Mars

Embassy of Haiti Announces Haiti’s Future Leaders Fellowship 2015, Class of Jean Price-Mars The Embassy of Haiti in Washington, D.C. is now accepting applications for the 2015 Haiti’s Future Leaders Fellowship. The fellowship was launched in 2014, and targets graduate students and young professionals of Haitian descent in the United States on the one hand,…


Visit of H.E. Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe to Washington, D.C.

October 9, 2014 Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe visited Washington, D.C. this week to speak about the Administration’s fight against cholera, and to push for assistance in improving Haiti’s water and sanitation systems. The cholera outbreak has spread throughout Haiti and exposed the weaknesses of the current system. With a $310 million dollar, three-year plan, Haiti…

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Discover Haiti’s Entrepreneurs & Businesses – Dr. Margaret Mitchell Armand

Discover Haiti’s Entrepreneurs & Businesses: Dr. Margaret Mitchell Armand : Author, Conflict Mediator and Peacemaker Dr. Margaret Mitchell Armand is a lifelong ambassador of Haitian Vodou tradition and culture. She advocates understanding and respect for the culture of Haitian people, which she believes must be fostered by a national education program and political platform rooted…

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Discover Haiti’s Entrepreneurs & Businesses-Stephanie Gazenard

Discover Haiti’s Entrepreneurs & Businesses: Stephanie Gazenard: Creator and Designer, Stephanie’s Collection Whether it is her beautifully-beaded bags or sumptuous sequined sandals, Stephanie Gazenard’s line of accessories, Stephanie’s Collection, are works of art in their own right and glimpse into the hidden talent Haiti has to offer the world. Born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Gazenard…