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Ambassador Altidor Speaks at MIT’s International Development Conference

  Joining development experts from around the globe, Ambassador Paul G. Altidor speaks in Boston at Massachusetts Institute of Technology about opportunities and challenges in Haiti’s redevelopment. The conference: “Unconventional Wisdom: Learning in International Development Practice,” the second annual gathering of the International Development Group runs May 2 and 3. The meeting will include breakout…

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Howard University Business Students Meet with Ambassador to Discuss Haiti’s Transformation

Business students at Howard University peppered Haiti’s Ambassador Paul Altidor with questions about investing in Haiti’s growth. On Tuesday, April 9, 2013, Ambassador Altidor spoke to a class of graduate students and then an auditorium full of freshman orientation students at Howard’s School of Business. “Often when people think of Haiti, they think of charity…


Franketienne’s One-Man Play & In-depth Francreolophonie Conference Captivated Audiences

From a poetry-infused dramatic interpretation to a scholarly discussion on language, Haitian literary great Franketienne delighted audiences at the 2013 D.C. Francophonie Festival. His first stop was at La Maison Francaise, where he moved about the stage depicting the chaos that sometimes occurs in male-dominated societies. The play, “Delirium of the Fallen Predator,” co-sponsored by…

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Discover Haiti’s Summer Interns – Yolanda Richard

Discover Haiti’s Summer Interns: Yolanda Richard, Black Religion in the African Diaspora, Yale University Yolanda Richard is currently interning in the Embassy’s Political Affairs Department. As a Haitian-American woman she aspires to develop her knowledge of Haiti and the diplomatic relationship between Haiti and the United States. She graduated from the University of Miami with…

Ernst Valery

Discover Haiti’s Entrepreneurs & Businesses – Ernst Valery

Discover Haiti’s Entrepreneurs & Businesses: Ernst Valery, owner of Milk & Honey Baltimore and Ernst Valery Investments Corp. Shortly before the U.S. economic recession, Ernst Valery’s investment firm bought a decaying commercial office building in downtown Baltimore and converted it to 96-unit apartment building. When the economy contracted, Valery, originally from Port-Au-Prince, found it challenging…

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Discover Haiti’s Entrepreneurs & Businesses – Nellie’s Corner

Discover Haiti’s Entrepreneurs & Businesses: Nellie’s Corner, Independent Floral Designer Nellie Cassagnol Goen was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and has worked as a floral designer for over 20 years. She has been able to combine her passion for flowers and her talent in floral design into creative beauty. Every Tuesday, Nellie makes live floral arrangements…


Haitian Cultural Icon Franketienne Appears at Francophonie Festival with Play April 3 and French/Creole Conference April 5

Known for his visual art and literary accomplishments, Haitian writer Franketienne will join the 2013 Francophonie Festival with two stellar events. April 3, he examines male-dominated societies in the play “Les Délires du prédateur déchu” (Delirium of the Fallen Predator). The play, infused with poetry, will be shown at La Maison Francaise (CLICK HERE TO…